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Our pledge:

patient-focused innovation


Our vision—to enable normal lives for people with autoimmune diseases—is our purpose and daily motivator. We stay focused on individuals and their experiences, because we understand that different patients have different needs.

In fact, we believe that patient-focused innovation is the best way to truly meet the complex and variable needs of people living with autoimmune diseases. From convening patient councils to ongoing dialogue with advocates, we are listening, learning, and applying insights to our daily work.


Our commitment to the autoimmune disease community extends beyond any potential medicines we may develop. We are focused on strategic, sustainable, and mutually beneficial community collaborations as we boldly pursue our vision.

We value the work of advocacy groups, and we aim to be a collaborative partner in supporting their needs. To advance this work, we have developed AIM: Advocacy in Motion, a skills-building program especially designed for patient advocates.


At Immunovant, we understand that patients are people first. We support a holistic approach to patient care. By working alongside advocates and individuals living with autoimmune diseases, we are continually reminded why patient-focused innovation matters: these conditions are unpredictable, often require substantial lifestyle modifications, and each patient has their own unique journey.


Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system is unable to distinguish between harmful pathogens and the body’s own healthy tissues. These diseases target both specific organs and broader bodily systems. In many people, IgG antibodies are the target of autoimmune diseases. In healthy people, IgG antibodies recognize and bind to foreign substances, marking them for destruction. In many autoimmune diseases, harmful IgG autoantibodies develop, triggering a harmful immune response where they recognize and bind to normal healthy tissue.

Abbreviation key

FcRn, neonatal Fc receptor; IgG, immunoglobulin G; TED, thyroid eye disease.